Smooth surfaces (hardwood, linoleum, smooth concrete)

Wear Smooth Dancers™ when dancing in cross trainers or running shoes with lots of tread on hard surfaces.  The band has a black bottom and a top that comes in a variety of colors.

NEW Tirante Twiist(TM) - these come in a variety of sizes and have a heel strap to help them stay in place!   These will ship Dec. 7th

Smooth Dancers (TM)- Our original design with the elastic and ribbon band that works great on running shoes and cross trainers.


Carpet or rubber surfaces

When you are dancing on carpet or rubberized surfaces, whether it's in front of your TV or at the gym, you need a WIDER Slip-On Dancer® to allow you to glide, twist and turn.

Please Note: While perfect for carpet or rubber, Carpet Dancers™ should not be worn on smooth surfaces because they will be too slippery.

Tirante_Sliders_Button-250x56Carpet DancersTM for dancing on carpet in walking shoes or cross trainers

What shoes do Tirante work with?What shoes do Carpet Dancers work with