Tiranté Sliders -Volume Pricing

NEW with a heel strap!

Tirante sliders have a special heel strap to hold them in place

  • Finally, sliders specially designed to stay in place, even with smooth-soled shoes (like all dance sneakers)

  • Will stay in place on shoes with FLEX soles like the Zigs pictured HERE

  • Sizes?  Yes - you can get small for narrow feet or an extra large if you are wearing a men's size 11!



"You don't realize how much you're held back by the traction with the floor until you have these on! I love these." - Dance Fitness Instructor, Orlando, Convention 2013

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Our customers love the new Tirante Sliders that work with dance sneakers too!

Tiranté Sliders for carpet and rubber surfaces let you pivot but won't move off your shoe, whether you have cross-trainers or dance sneakers.


Tirante Sliders for carpet are available in 3 different sizes. Small, regular, and extra large. Works with dance sneakers

-Tiranté Sliders for carpet are not for use on smooth surfaces because they can be TOO slippery.  Use caution when walking on smooth surfaces.  Exercising on smooth surfaces? We recommend "Smooth Dancers" by Slip-On Dancers™.
-Not intended for use with high heels.

Colors Available

*most colors are available in all sizes, but we currently don't have XL Party Bubbles

Classic Black


Volume prices are for purchases of 20 pairs or more. You can mix and match colors, sizes, and styles.

 Interested in just buying a few for now? Go HERE


$12.50 $10.00

You save: $2.50! (20.00%)

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