Pink Smooth Dancers™

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Baby Pink Smooth Dancers by Slip-On Dancers

The Baby Pink Smooth Dancer™ band is perfect for smooth surfaces like wood, smooth concrete and linoleum

Smooth Dancers give you the power of adjustable traction! Move them forward for more slip and move it back towards your arch for more grip.

Now you don't have to take a special set of shoes to the gym for one class.  Wear the shoes you already own and love.

If you are dancing on carpet, rubber, or some other surface that allows your shoe tread to sink in, please check out our products designed for those surfaces:  Carpet Dancers and Tirante Sliders for Rubber and Carpet. 


What shoes will Smooth Dancers work with?

Smooth Dancers stay in place because the elastic grips onto the tread of the shoe.   Running shoes, walking shoes and cross trainers are perfect.

If you have very small feet or if the shoe you are wearing has a flat sole already, we recommend any of our products with heel straps (Tiranté Sliders line)  instead of the Smooth Dancers or Carpet Dancers.




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