Shipping Slip-On DancersTM outside the US?

We can ship Slip-On Dancers almost anywhere in the world from the United States.  We have worked hard to get a few distributors in certain countries (and are adding more all the time) that will speed up the receipt of your Slip-On Dancers and lower your shipping cost by ordering from them if they are closer to you.

Please check out one of our FANTASTIC distributors if you are not in the US first.

If we don't have a distributor in your country, we can certainly ship from the US.

Our international shipping costs from the US start at $15.50 to most countries.

Please consider ordering in bulk if you are shipping from the US abroad to lower shipping costs per pair.  Orders up to 15 pairs are still only charged $15.50 for shipping.

Want more information about becoming an international distributor? Please email orders (at)