Putting on Slip-On DancersTM is quick and easy - just pull it on like a sock!

Check out this video showing how to put on a pair of Carpet DancersTM.

TIP: Some of our products are specifically designed for shoes with lots of tread (Carpet Dancers and Smooth Dancers)  and Tirante Sliders will work with smoother-soled shoes and are also available in sizes!

Carpet Dancers and Smooth Dancers are designed for wider shoes with lots of tread. If Carpet Dancers or Smooth dancers are worn with Rykas, Zumba Sneakers, dance sneakers, or shoes with a small toe box (like Pumas) or a flat sole, they will move around more and may even fall off.

Check out this video showing how to put on a pair of Smooth DancersTM.

But wait!?! I have Rykas, Zumba Sneakers, dance sneakers, shoes with a small toe box (like Pumas) or a flat/flexible sole!

Don't worry!  Get the Tiranté Sliders in the right size for your shoe, which use a heel strap to hold the band in place instead of relying on the tread of the shoe.

Sometimes a little strap can make alll the difference. Tirante sliders have a special heel strap to hold them in place

Choose the style based on the kind of flooring:



Tips for putting these fantastic bands on! 

Stretch the elastic wide to go over the treads of the shoe, then pull it on like a sock.

Adjusting your bands to CONTROL your traction- Every floor and foot is different.  Move them around to find what works for you!

Less Slippery Position: closer to the arch leaving the ball of the foot exposed


Zumba shoe bands for carpet in the less slippery position


More Slippery Position: Cover up the ball of the foot to slide more easily

Simply moving the band a couple of inches forward will make a noticeable difference.


To make the running shoe more slippery, the Slip-On Dancer is moved forward from the arch to cover some of the treads on the ball of the foot.

Take care not to put them too far forward, lest they shift during your class

  • If you feel like they are too far forward or they somehow shift and work their way underneath your toes, just pull the outside edge back toward the arch.


Keep in mind that your shoe can become too slippery if

the Dancer product is too close to the front third of your shoe.

 If it looks like it's hanging off, it won't stay in place.

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