Carpet Dancers for Shoes (Volume)

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Want to dance on carpet? Now you can!

Purple Carpet Dancers
Fun Party Bubbles matches lots of different colors in your outfit.

Perfect for dancing on carpet or rubberized surfaces.

Are you or your students dancing on carpet or rubberized surfaces?

Slip-On Dancers' Carpet Dancers will reduce the traction of your shoes, reducing the stress on your knees when you turn.

They're adjustable - Adjust your traction for your floor by moving the band towards the toes vs towards your arch changes how difficult it is for you to turn.

    *Please use with caution until you understand how the positioning of the Carpet Dancer (TM) band will change your traction on your specific pair of shoes.*

Why you will LOVE you Carpet Dancers-

  • Carpet Dancers TM fit over the tennis shoes you already own and allow your hips to move more freely when performing physical activities such as dancing exercise.
  • Designed to cover the ball of the foot on regular sneakers that grip the floor, Carpet DancersTM allow your feet to pivot and twist with ease as if you had on expensive dance shoes.
  • Dance on more kinds of floors. Carpet DancersTM are ideal to use on carpet or rubberized surfaces.  Check out our Smooth Dancers or Tirante Twiist if you are on hardwood or linoleum surfaces.
  • Saves you money! Low cost alternative to Split Sole Jazz Shoes or Zumba sneakers.
  • One size fits all solution that is perfect for dances that include, Salsa, Merengue, Mambo and the Cha Cha.

Color Options

Classic Black     Black Carpet Dancers on Yellow running shoe
Zebra               Zebra Carpet Dancers
Hot Pink          Hot Pink Carpet Dancer
Purple              Purple Carpet Dancer Side Yellow shoes
Turquoise        Turquoise Carpet Dancer 1 foot side on yellow shoes
Red                   Red Carpet Dancers (Duplicate)
Pink Leopard   Pink Leopard Carpet Dancers


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