I started this company with the goal of giving participants an alternative to dance shoes.  Everyone doesn't necessarily want to buy dance shoes just for one class, activity, or video game, especially if they already have shoes they really like.   

While teaching at Princeton University, I went through three pairs of dance shoes before I realized the pain in my feet would subside if I just wore regular cross trainers with my orthotic inserts.  Unfortunately, those cross trainers gripped the floor like crazy and made dancing a struggle.  I couldn't turn or pivot and my hips couldn't move naturally at all.  That's when I knew that I needed a simple solution and I knew others had similar needs as well.    I began making  prototypes and giving them out for class participants to try.   Eventually we settled on a model for smooth surfaces and a model for dancing on carpet.

Dance Yourself Fit LLC was created to manufacture the bands that I had worked hard to create.   Since then, we have had a resounding success from both dance and fitness communities.  We have sponsored the Zumba Instructor Conventions and sold out!  Best of all, we have people writing us regularly to tell us how much they like our products. 

We manufacture here in the US and do our best to keep costs reasonable.   This woman-owned business is providing jobs and thriving, even in a challenging economy. 

Thank you for your support! As always, we're here if you need us.




Katie Hughes, PhD
CEO/ Founder
Dance Yourself Fit, LLC

Seated Katie Hughes, PhD in Purple Carpet Dancers before a Zumba class

Here I am showing my running shoes with my Carpet Dancers

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Katie started Dance Yourself Fit LLC after realizing there were very few options for consumers when it came to finding just the right dance shoe.   More importantly, what if people didn't want to trade in their current shoes at all?   Katie invented a simple, attractive and affordable solution to the problem of sticky shoes.  Slip-On DancersTM are now sold around the world.

The brand’ s popularity among people of all interests is a testament to the international appeal of dancing, as well as Katie’ s passion for creating products that are innovative, affordable and effective.  Indeed, this love for dancing – a pastime that transcends other types of exercise – allows individuals to express themselves with ease and creativity.

With its adjustable traction, which may reduce the risk of twisting knee injuries and other hazards, Slip-On DancersTM  give people the ability to dance in nearly any environment.   This convenience allows both new and veteran dancers to wear their favorite cross-training sneakers or tennis shoes while dancing.

The brand’ s proprietary design is also the result of Katie’ s scientific expertise.  A Princeton-trained chemist, Katie understands that a product of this kind – an accessory that meets the physical demands of active people – must be strong, durable, affordable and easy to use.  Slip-On DancersTM  meet these standards.

It is this emphasis on testing that distinguishes Slip-On DancersTM  as a product with loyal support.  In fact, Katie adds her own identity to this company, offering consumers her time and wisdom for the cause of fitness.  And therein lies the essence of Slip-On DancersTM : the brand is inseparable from the dedication, patience, respect and intelligence of Katie, an entrepreneur who cares about the health of her friends and admirers.

As the company expands into new markets and draws praise from consumers and critics alike, quality will forever shape the brand’ s direction.  Katie’ s leadership is the foundation of this principle – that consumers deserve products of excellence, complemented by service that is attentive and helpful – because she embodies these ideals.  Her achievements start with her interest in finding original solutions to a variety of challenges, resulting in products consumers want to use.

Slip-On Dancers® are now at the forefront of a transformation in the way people appreciate the rewards of exercise.

Slip-On Dancers® Girl