The easy and inexpensive way for women and men to reduce knee stress and enjoy the fun health benefits of aerobic dancing – and any other kind of dancing.
Exclusive new heel strap!
Keeps our unique new Tiranté Sliders for Carpet and Tiranté Twiist Gliders in place better than ever. There’s no other product like them! (Patent Pending)
Turn running shoes into smooth dancing shoes.
Just slip our new Tiranté brand or original Smooth Dancers over the rubber soles to reduce the resistance your shoes exert when you attempt to spin and twist. Slide 2 forward or backward to adjust the resistance.
Spin and twist better than ever – and safely
Tiranté Sliders and our original Smooth Dancers let you do moves like your instructor
on carpets, wood, and smooth surfaces.
A leading reason people quit dance aerobics is knee pain
Reduce the stress on your knees and enjoy the healthy dancing fun!
Our products are used by over 35,000 fitness and dance instructors worldwide.
Sold at the Zumba Instructor Convention
Great for women or men!
100% guaranteed!
Listen to fitness dance instructors and customers talk about our products
Dancer Girl
Dancer Couples
didn't want to buy new shoes
I love my dance fitness classes, but my knees would really hurt after class. I didn’t want to buy a new pair of shoes just for that one class. Then, I bought a pair of Slip-On Dancers®. Since I’ve been using them, my knees haven’t hurt anymore AND my dance moves are better. My hips can turn more now that my shoes aren’t fighting the floor.
Heath R.
East Brunswick, NJ
saves my knees and my class!
Slip-On Dancers® saved my knees and my class!! Almost gave up a class that I teach on carpet due to the stress it caused my knees. Once I tried the 3 inch wide Slip-On Dancers® my knees felt great and I was able to keep teaching the class. Thank you Slip-On Dancers®!
Laura G.
Zumba® Instructor, Ballwin, MO
easy to put on and provide a snug and secure feel
I purchased the Slip-On Dancers® a month ago, and they’ve been fantastic. I feel like I get that enhanced flexibility and smooth efficient motion in hips and knees. They are so easy to put on and provide a snug and secure feel. They are comfortable and well made. The cute pattern is gorgeous.
Violetta D.
Class Participant, East Brunswick, NJ
best shoes for zumba
Introducing our latest trendsetting innovation – Hug-Your-Heel-Strap!
Tiranté Sliders for Carpet and Tiranté Twiist Gliders
Exclusive new heel-hugging strap makes them stay on even better – not matter how much you spin, twist, and glide! And no matter what kind of dancing you do – including aerobic dancing, ballroom dancing, and even hip hop. Both styles stay in place on any kind of sneaker, too – long or short, wide or thin. And they come in sizes, so you can get a pair that fit your sneakers perfectly.When you do dance aerobics or any other kind of exciting dancing, you spin and twist, but running shoes create resistance on carpets or smooth floors that can cause knee pain.To reduce knee pain from dancing, many dance and fitness instructors recommend our Slip-On Dancers for men and women. They let you move with ease and lessen the stress on your knees! Increase your range of motion, too. In fact, you’ll be able to do the same kinds of spins, twists, glides and other movements that your instructor does – and get more out of your workouts.

They’re an economical answer, too, especially if you’re just starting out. Our Slip-On Dancers cost about 75% less than dance shoes.

Our quality products also offer comfort advantages, because running shoes offer more support than dance shoes – and they’re the shoes you’re already comfortable wearing.

Also, dance shoes don’t work with orthotics.

Our new Tiranté brand and our original line of Slip-On Dancers are more convenient, too.

You don’t have to carry an extra pair of shoes to your dance sessions. They fit in your purse, pocket, gym bag, or glove compartment.

Our products are also a great way to reduce stress on your knees if you do dance aerobics at home to your own DVD’s and videos.
Choose the quality product that’s right for you
1. New Tiranté Sliders for Carpet
Specially designed to stay on during all kinds of dancing on carpet – from fitness dancing to ballroom dancing. Features new stay-put heel strap. Available in sizes and colors. Now, women and men wearing any kind of shoes with treads can reduce the traction the shoes exert on your knees when you spin and twist.

2. New Tiranté Twiist Gliders
Specially designed for all kinds of dancing on smooth surfaces, including wood, rubber, and vinyl. Also, feature new stay-put heel strap. Available in sizes and colors. Great for everything from aerobic dancing to ballroom dancing and hip hop, too!

Original Smooth Dancers. Still the worldwide favorites.
They’re the choice of thousands of dance aerobics instructors across the globe. Just slip them on over the soles of your running shoes and start to move more like your instructor – while reducing stress on your knees. Increase or decrease the amount of traction simply by sliding them forward or backward. Available in two styles.

3. Carpet Dancers
Specially designed for fitness and other kinds of dancing on carpet. One size fits most running shoes.

4. Smooth Dancers
Specially designed for fitness and other types of dancing on smooth surfaces, including wood, rubber, and vinyl. One size fits most running shoes.


The perfect answer for all kinds of dance aerobics
Our Slip-On Dancers work so well for women and men that we’re an official sponsor of The Zumba Instructor Convention.

They also work for all other kinds of dance aerobics and dancing, including:

Hip Hop/Rock Dancing
Ballroom dancing
Social dancing, beginner or advanced

Our exclusive new Tiranté brand products work on all kinds of sneakers. For best results, use our original Smooth Dancers only on running shoes.

You’ll love how dance products help you move – and how they look
They’re available in exciting colors and patterns.

See for yourself
FUN colors and prints to accent your outfit. Easy order- one size fits most (guys too!)
Read our FAQ sections Go to the shop Volume Pricing Buy Local
Spin Me!s for Kids
Fun combo for hours of indoor activity. Glow-in-the-dark lemon wand with violet ribbon; also becomes a bracelet. Comes complete with our Twiist Gliders for kids to slip on theirsneakers and move in all kinds of fun ways. Your kids will love the Party Bubbles pattern on our Twiist Gliders, too.

Benefits for dance aerobics instructors
Join the thousands of other danceaerobics instructors who use and recommend Slip-On Dancers. Buy them for your class or gym to give new students an immediate answer, instead of recommending that they go buy dance shoes. You’ll be able to teach on carpet or smooth floors while you reduce knee pain among your students and increase your retention rate. As a result, you’ll be able to build bigger classes. You’ll enjoy teaching more, too. And your students will be glad you offer the convenience of purchasing them from you.

We’ll help you get more students and sales, too. With your permission, we’ll list your contact information on our website, so people can buy our products from you when they attend your classes. Volume discounts start at just 20 pairs. Learn more.

Benefits for shoe stores
Get in on the popularity of aerobics dancing. You can display and offer Slip-On Dancers to your running-shoe customers and build customer loyalty while you increase sales. Volume discounts start at just 20 pairs. Learn more.

About us
Our company was founded by and is still run by the woman who invented Slip-On Dancers, a brilliantly simple and inexpensive way to reduce knee stress during aerobic dancing. We pride ourselves on creating quality, innovative products that you’ll love for their great functionality and looks. We also provide customer service you’ll love.

30-day moneyback guarantee
If you’re not completely happy with any product you purchase from us, simply return it within 30 days of the purchase date, and we’ll issue a complete refund, including the cost of shipping. So you can try our products risk free!

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When you purchase any of our Slip-On Dancers, we’ll send you followup emails that show you how to wear them. We want to help you get the most out of them – and enjoy dance aerobics and other kinds of dancing more than ever.

So why not reduce the stress on your knees? Order the quality product from Slip-On Dancers that’s right for you today!